Residential Emergencies

Important Information

1. Our email address for tenants is, and our office number is 0208 678 8888.

2. Emails are not monitored outside office hours (0900-1700 Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays).

3. Should there be a genuine emergency, you can call the office and follow the prompts to the emergency out of hours call answering service.

4. Please refer to the framed information in your property listing where the different shut off valves, fuseboard etc are located.

5. An ‘EMERGENCY’ is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment. Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation. It is an unexpected and unusually dangerous situation that calls for immediate action. This can be further classified as a danger to the property or occupants e.g. burst pipe, flood, fire, gas leak etc.

6. For gas emergencies (if you smell gas or suspect a leak) please call: TRANSCO 0800 111 999. Should you need to shut off the gas supply please watch attached link to do this safely

7. If your electricity has failed, and you have checked your property fuse board, please call: 0800 028 0247 or visit to ascertain whether the fault is from the network. If the problem does not relate to the network, please then contact the office, however first view the attached link as it may be a problem that can be resolved simply

8. If you are experiencing issues with your water whereby the supply has stopped, initially check Thames Water’s website to confirm it’s not an issue relating to them. If the problem does not relate to Thames Water please then contact the office.

9. If there is a major leak relating to mains water supply in your property – as a precaution use the water shut off valve for either the building or your flat to limit damage to the entire property. Should you need to shut off the water supply please watch attached link

10. Please note that the costs for emergency call outs will be covered by the tenant and the landlord will reimburse the tenant fully where applicable. Should a contractor be called out unnecessarily and your problem is not deemed as an emergency, the tenant will be liable for the full payment of the invoice.